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Standing 101: Can You Be Injured by a Product You Never Bought?

Posted in Misbranding, Retailer Defenses, Standing

Common sense tells you that you can’t be injured by something you never bought.  This must be covered in Standing 101, right?  Believe it or not, this issue is being debated right now in the California consumer class action context.  Here’s what’s going on. Standing as a Threshold Issue Courts are grappling with the issue… Read More

Strategies and Defenses for Retailers Named in Consumer Class Actions

Posted in GMO, Retailer Defenses

Are retailers at risk in private surgeon general class actions?  Often, their only conduct is putting a product on the shelf.  They haven’t designed the product, much less had any input on the product labels or advertising.  Yet, time after time, retailers are named as defendants in false advertising class actions.  Private surgeon generals often… Read More